Sunrise Signed 20MW Solar Project Contract with Xiaoxinji Township Government

Date2016/8/2 16:35:42 

Sunrise signed a 20MW solar project contract with Xiaoxinji Township Government on 23 June,2016. Xiaoxinji, a town located in Mengcheng County,Anhui Province.Mr Zhao,the Secretary of the Party Committee of local town government, signed the contract  with Sunrise.

The 20MW ground project covers an area of 440,000 ㎡ with a total investment of RMB 200milliion(around 30 million USD). A 400,000㎡penny plantation will be planed under the solar panels. According to the analysis, the 20MW system can generate 22 million KWh electricity yearly which equivalent to a saving of 7900 tons of coals, a dust reduction of 5984tons, an emission reduction of 21934 tons of carbon, 660 tons of sulfur dioxide and 330 tons of Oxynitride.

This 20MW project will become a demo one which combines PV and agriculture in Mengcheng County.