quality control system

Seamless and Transparent Traceability System

Sunrise attaches importance to information-based construction and management
Development of an online system with independent intellectual property rights
The system is based on the world's leading development technology
in order to regulate QC flow and make the flow public and traceable

Barcode allows products to be traceable

Composition of the product

raw material, component, etc.

Production flow information

Process parameter information, repair information and responsible person, and analysis of the quality of the root of the problem, a problem of raw materials, further back the incoming batch, suppliers.

Find the root cause of the problem

find out the person to be account for,make correction to improve product quality and customer satisfaction, strengthen competitive edge, and boost entire quality of the company.

Real-time check makes production process public

Sunrise allows production management information to be checked against the ERP system and gives permission to customers to log in to the ERP system and monitor production and processing flow

ISO 9001 Quality Management System

Quality is the core of Sunrise. From design, purchase, production, test, and transportation, Seraphim ensures that ISO 9001 quality management system is complied with. Besides, Seraphim attaches importance to environmental protection and living quality and passes various ISO certifications.